Jason Berkowitz

Co-Founder / President

Jason Berkowitz is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of RPM Living ("RPM"), a full-service real estate management and investment company. Mr. Berkowitz founded RPM in 2002 with the purchase of a ten-unit apartment building near the University of Texas at Austin. As he grew the business, he set out to capitalize on the upside potential that a strong and closely-held management company can bring.

Today, RPM has a growing reputation for providing the most professional and highest quality of services available to property, asset, and construction management. Mr. Berkowitz is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of his multi-family portfolio and developing long-term business plans for individual properties, including capital improvement programs and other value-enhancing initiatives. In addition, he works closely with property management staff to maximize the total revenue, both rental and ancillary, and to facilitate a cost-conscious environment. Mr. Berkowitz has acted as the General Partner on over 60 real estate projects valued in excess $3 billion.

Mr. Berkowitz has built RPM Living in to a fully-integrated real estate company that manages over 90,000 apartment units across the United States. RPM has garnered additional value by providing construction, leasing, management, financing, and brokerage capabilities with a brand focused on customer service and enhancing residents’ living experience. Prior to forming RPM, Mr. Berkowitz began his entrepreneurial career as an analyst for the NWJ Companies in Philadelphia. Upon returning to Austin to complete his degree in Psychology, Mr. Berkowitz joined the brokerage team at Investors Alliance. He sold over $50 million in commercial real estate within a two-year period.

Mr. Berkowitz is a licensed real estate broker in Texas. He is a board member for the Anti-Defamation League in Austin.