F&B Capital

F&B Capital was founded in 2010 by Hank Farrell III and Jason Berkowitz and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. F&B Capital is a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisitions and redevelopments throughout Texas. We currently operate in the greater Austin, Houston and San Antonio marketplaces.

  • Leadership

  • Hanford (Hank) Farrell, III
  • President & Founder
  • Jason Berkowitz
  • President & Founder
  • Josh Kahn
  • Vice President of Investments

Our Business Model

F&B Capital is an opportunistic real estate sponsor with full-service property management and construction capabilities through its affiliates Roscoe Properties, Inc. and One Eighty Construction, Inc. F&B Capital has a successful track record of acquiring underperforming multifamily properties and repositioning them into stabilized high-yielding assets. F&B Capital has purchased over 13,000 units since 2011 and taken more than fifteen deals full cycle.

F&B Capital uses its local market expertise to target assets in high growth submarkets and then creates value through a combination of rebranding, renovating, and revitalizing property management. F&B Capital has developed a niche in deep renovation on vintage assets, but has also found tremendous success repositioning and refreshing newer vintage core assets. F&B and Roscoe build value and maximize returns through the diligent application of asset and property management fundamentals, and by keeping a close eye on costs. F&B and Roscoe are responsive, nimble, and devoted to the interests of their partners and clients. Their continued success is due, in large part, to having the right people in the right jobs. Their growth and expansion of capabilities are the result of the hands‐on involvement of their executive teams.

Roscoe was founded in 2002 and its 650 member team manages over 23,000 multifamily units spread across Texas, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Roscoe has a team dedicated to managing assets during renovation, which has been instrumental to F&B Capital’s success.